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    Welcome to Darwin Decking Co

    Darwin Decking Co is a team of experienced decking builders, designers and carpenters based in the Northern Territory, Australia. Our company has been trading for over 10 years, and have been providing long-lasting assets to the residents of Darwin, Australia. We give homes and commercial properties a new lease of life with a fresh deck extension so you can entertain friends and family and enjoy the warm tropical climate we are fortunate to be in here in Darwin. Let us create an environment that is perfect for you and your family to relax in your outdoor area.
    • High quality craftsmanship
    • Fully licensed and trained carpenters to work on your project
    • Premium quality timber and composite materials
    • Precision finishes
    • Honest and upfront pricing, and no obligation estimates provided
    Your outdoor space defines your style and taste. That is why we tailor all projects you entrust to us, to your specific needs. However, we go a mile further, to ensure your outdoors complement your home. Whether it is pool decking, pergola and veranda construction or any decking project, we are the best in Darwin and specialise in the decking arena. We specialise in timber and wood deck boards: from wood and composite, we create stunning pieces for beauty and durability. Simply put, our designers are top class while our decking installation experts work with you until you are satisfied. Our team of project managers will sit with you and walk you through the process, advising on different colours and styles we can create to bring it to life. While we aim to add value to your property and homes, we also care about your budget and can appreciate everyone is in a different situation financially. We are experts at creating bespoke projects that will fit around your budget.
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    beautiful composite decking design

    Composite & Timber Decking

    Decking can be challenging when it comes to the choice of material. Our team knows the best material but can work with your budget and still give you something amazing. We deal with two common materials:
    • Composite
    • Timber/Wood
     However, we offer 3 types of boards: Hardwood decking/ hardwood timber.
    We most commonly use hardwood decks because they are durable. They resist mould and insects when well treated. Besides, the wood is sustainably sourced. Thus not harming the environments. The timber decks have a class durability rating of 1, which means they last between 25 to 30 years. The recommended size is 90x19mm. However, you can get these decks in other sizes like 140x19mm, 140x25mm, and 140x35mm. Note: some hardwood decking species may not be available all year round. So make sure that the choice of hardwood species can also be used for balustrade or handrail, timber stairs, privacy screens, planter boxes and decking oil. Treated pine decking/softwood decking Treated pine, will equally give you excellent services, though they have a shorter life span, i.e., 10-15 years. The standard size is 90x22mm. Composite decking/plastic decking: Composite decks have the advantage of being termite and rot-resistant. Besides, they do not require oiling, which makes them maintenance-free decking boards. Popular types of composite decks include modwood, eco deck and future wood. Note: remember, not all composite decks can be put to other uses other than deck boards. Therefore, it is good if the composite you choose can also be used for balustrade or handrail, timber stairs, privacy screens and planter boxes.

    We can’t thank Darwin Decking Co enough for our new patio deck. The timber deck they built in our garden is just what we needed as before the area was just wasted space, now we can have friends over for dinner and entertain on our new extension!
    Craig D. Darwin

    pool decking design
    Rich timber wood for decking
    timber decking

    Pool Decking

    Aussie’s love a good swimming pool to cool off on a Summer’s day. So it’s important to have your pool area kitted out with the best deck and help bring the area to life.
    The area beside your pool offers a place to lounge and entertain for you and your family. To get the full enjoyment from your pool area, you need decking material that is sturdy but soft on the feet! Darwin decking is an experienced pool decking contractor and are able to install a non slip decking for your home.

    Whether it is a new pool or an existing pool, we can give it a new warm, timeless, and welcoming face. Our decks will provide you with peace of mind while having family fun.

    Keep in mind; the pool area defines the look and the style of the swimming area. So we construct an inviting space using durable material. The material determines the integrity of the deck. Therefore, you can set lounge chairs, tables and other pool/backyard furniture without fear.


    Our team can construct a range of balustrade to compliment your decking area, frameless glass, hardwood posts and handrails with stainless steel tension wires, powder coated aluminium systems and traditional hardwood or treated pine balustrades with vertical posts.

    The factors to consider when selecting the best balustrade for you are safety, view, maintenance and what look will best suit your home, traditional homes more often will be suited to hardwood or treated pine balustrades with vertical spindles, whilst more modern properties benefit from either frameless glass or stainless steel tension wire systems which can be constructed onto variety of posts and handrails such as hardwood, aluminium and stainless steel.

    We are just in love with our new decking around our swimming pool and bbq area. The team were very professional to deal with, and the job was completed within 3 days all at a great price.”
    Jess M. Darwin


    It’s no secret that us Darwin folk love to spend time outdoors, and pergolas are the most popular way of creating an entertainment area that is protected from the tropical sun. Pergolas are fantastic structures that offer a lot of character on their own, as well as the ability to enhance a well designed deck significantly.
    Pergolas can easily bring life to any backyard, creating an alfresco outdoor entertaining area that provides excellent warmth and character. As the leading pergola builders Darwin has on offer, the team here at Darwin Decking Co will work with you to plan and construct a pergola that perfectly suits your property and your budget.
    Pergola design

    Darwin Decking Co did a great job fixing up our new pool deck. The composite feel is great for the kids playing, and looks fantastic! We would highly recommend for anyone looking to get a decking built. 
    Suzie M. Palmerston


    How long will my deck last?

    The lifespan of decks depends on the type on the types of materials. For instance, softwood decks will last up to 15 years or more, while hardwood decks will last up to 20 years. However, the important thing is the deck substructure. Timber rails can last up 25 years when treated well.

    How do you fix scratches on a deck?

    Both wood and composite can scratch, though the tendency is higher in wood than in composite. Moving furniture or heavy play is the primary cause of scratches on decking boards. The solution varies with the manufacturer and type of scratches.
    While scratches might make your deck ugly, it is advisable not to repair them because, over time, they blend in with the rest of the deck. However, your composite deck has a noticeable scratch use a soldering iron to level the scratch as well as blend it with other parts of the deck.
    Alternatively, you can touch up small scratches, and scuffs use a tough-up concealer.
    For wood deck boards, you can paint or stain the deck.
    For deeper scratches or substantial damage on the deck, replace it.

    Is it possible to restore the deck colour?

    Decks will lose their colour with time. But it is easy to restore colour if the deck with a new lick of paint and sealer to protect… However, the selection of the paint matters:

    • Oil or paraffin paints are a better option if you don’t want the wood decks to absorb moisture and soak up with water.
    • Paint using a paint that has UV blockers to preventing fading or loss of colour from your decks.
    • To protect your decks from wood-eating bugs, use paints laced with insecticides.

    If you choose to restore the colour of your deck, ensure that use a stain-blocking oil or an alkyd primer before painting.

    And when you apply the paint, use a paint roller or pump-style sprayer. Ensure you get an even coat while painting.

    How Much $$$ Does A New Deck Cost?

    There are a few different variables that will affect the total investment of having a new deck built:

    • Proposed size of decking area
    • Type of decks used (timber/softwood/hardwood/ composite)
    • Any extras like stairs, pergolas, verandahs, balustrade, glass panels
    • Foundations underneath the area
    • Any council permission required
    • If the area is elevated then this can create difficulties in the build and cause an increase in overall cost

    Most customers will spend around

    • $200 per m2 for treated pine
    • $350+ per m2 for composite
    • $320+ per m2 for hardwood timber
    • $800+ per m2 for deck with roofing and/or stairs
    • $1000+ for elevated cyclone rated decking
    Verandah design

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