Pool Decking

timber decking

Deck installation around your pool is a sure way to make the most of your pool area. You can create a fantastic pool decking, whether it is an old or new pool.

Who walks around the pool while wearing shoes? In those hot Darwin summers, the best reward is to lounge around your pool or take a cool breeze on a sofa beside your pool.
Our team of decking designers and carpenters can create pool decks that will make you fully utilize the decking area. While any deck around a pool expands the available space, we create a pool area that gives a timeless appeal to the surrounding of your pool besides being warm.

With the right material and deck builder, you can get a deck installation that defines the look and style or the swimming pool. Typically, you need an inviting, well-constructed, and stylish pool area. Above all, the area should be nonslip so that your fun family times can be accident-free.

Every decking contractor emphasizes on the need for quality material. As much as decking allows for design flexibility, workmanship, and material determine the outcome.

Pool decking should accommodate pool furniture, chairs and a full BBQ. These, together with the careful construction, creates a unique look for your entire poolscape.

We use either timber or composite deck boards for all deck installations. Each decking builder in our decking company understands how to use each material and the pro’s and cons, so you know you will be well informed when choosing your pool deck.

  • Wood decking: this is a low-cost option, but gives a natural look to your pool area. You can build it off the ground, making it ideal for irregularly shaped landscape. Pressure-treated timber can last you up to 15 years, though you will need to carry out maintenance practices like staining.
  • Composite decking: These options give you the look of wood but have less maintenance than actual wood. Designed from a plastic-like material, composite decks come in a variety of simulated wood types in multiple colours. The best part, it is practically maintenance-free.

Pool decking ideas

  • For off ground pool decks, use a weed mat as it minimizes the growth of weeds but allows water penetration.
  • For low lying decks allow 5mm gap to allow water to allow splashed water to drain rather than pool on the deck boards.
  • Use stainless steel fixing for decking around saltwater pools.
  • Seal pool coping for new pools before beginning a pool deck installation
  • Create the WOW factor using pool decking lighting around your entertaining outdoor area

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