Verandahs and Pergolas


Verandas/ Pergolas
A pergola or veranda is one way to enjoy outdoor living in Darwin. You can get a free-standing pergola or attach it to your house at one side, usually using a ledge. In this case, ensure there is a watertight connection. Use flashing and caulking.
A high-quality deck installation with pergola allows you to make the most out of your outdoor spaces. It combines the practical decking with a stylish decorative pergola. At Darwin decking services, we work with your budget but create luxurious pergolas and verandas on your deck. Besides, we offer amazing discounts and deliver work within the stipulated timeline.
We can customise sizes – so our carpenters and deck builders get precise measurements first. A standout pergola is about the material, design and deck builder skills and experience.
An experienced decking builder understands that size and spacing of louvres dictate the amount of light that penetrates to the interior. Besides, it determines the visual mass of the structure. Every decking contractor promises a standout pergola, but we create them and deliver them to you.
Did you know that pergolas and verandas are subject to building codes?
Beyond giving you a shade, our decking company creates stronger pergolas that can support hanging swings. This way, you have a pleasant and comfortable time outdoors.

Pergola installation on a deck
Attaching a pergola to an established deck is what makes Darwin decking an exemplary decking company. Remember, the primary concern is how your pergola reacts to intense windy conditions.
A pergola is a top-heavy structure; therefore, it needs a firm attachment to the deck. Bolting the pergola support posts to the deck’s frame gives it enough integrity. But it will sway and experience strong uplift forces when the wind blows. That is why, our deck builders add lateral bracing, i.e., attaching a rail section between posts of the pergola to give it strength.
More so, we increase stability by installing a 45-degree bracing in between the post and header beam. Our carpenters and designer use 6 x 6 poles as support posts for further strength.

Pergola Darwin – Designs and Ideas
Investing in a pergola or veranda is a bright idea if you live in Darwin. The living areas of Darwin houses open out towards their best aspect. Thus, they take advantage of water, garden views, or breezes. So adding a pergola and a deck, pool area, or a gazebo expands the outdoor living area.
With the right pergola, you maximise the views, complement your existing house and allow you to make the most of summer breezes. Ensure that you add the following:

  • Outdoor lighting to set and enhance the mood of the entire area
  • Outdoor kitchen with benchtops, storage cupboards, sinks, and a bar fridge
  • A TV for better entertainment

Call Darwin decking services, your Darwin pergola builder, to turn your dream into a reality. Need a free quote? Call us now.

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