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Composite decking board is a very popular option for many homeowners for a number of reasons. Composite is the latest innovation in the decking industry, and it delivers functional, practical and beautiful decks for your swimming pools, pergolas and patio areas.
At Darwin Decking Co, composite decks are a popular choice for many due to the fact they are almost maintenance-free. The only necessary thing is cleaning the deck twice a year. Just use soapy water and soft bristle brush or power washer.
Unlike wood; composites decks require no need for sanding, staining, oiling or sealing. The material doesn’t rot, and it termite resistant which makes is very appealing!

Here are critical points about composite deck boards:
Composite decks can serve you up to 50 years without needing repair. These decking boards are made from durable and long-lasting materials. As a result, they don’t scratch, or stain easily. Still, they can effectively withstand natural wear and tear.
At Darwin decking services, we use composite decking boards that have built-in UV resistance. Therefore, no fading or lightening of decks occurs.
Composite deck installation cost a little higher than wood deck boards to install, however the numerous advantages easily offset the cost of composite decking over time. In turn, you save money in the long run.
All composite decks at Darwin decks have an enhanced real wood look. As such, you get the beauty of the wood.

Our team of deck builders, designers and carpenters develop high-performance decking boards that can withstand the abuses of nature and present its beauty throughout its life.
Composite decking types
Majority of composite decks are built from a blend of plastic and wood by-products. The ratio of these material determines the aesthetics and durability.
At Darwin decking services, we use patented technology with a unique formula to ensure that the boards do not fade, scratch and stain. So you can throw a bash without fear of chairs scratching your deck.
The most popular deck boards that a decking builder at Darwin Decking Co can recommend are:

  • Modwood decking boards: designed from a blend of pine sawdust and recycled plastic milk bottles. Get in two sizes – 88x23mm and 137x23mm.
  • Cleverdeck composite decking, designed from future wood: get it in two sizes – 86x23mm and 138x23mm.
  • Ekodeck/eco deck: get it in two sizes – 88x23mm and 137x23mm.

As a decking contractor, we ensure that you get composite decks that complements your existing building and matches with the surrounding. So once you contact us, we ensure that the deck boards you purchase are available all year round and within your budget.
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