Timber Decking


Timber decking is timeless – no doubt that. Let alone the natural beauty. There are multiple timber species, which makes wood suitable for different applications.

At Darwin Decking Services, we understand this principle clearly. Our carpenters can design the best deck boards to suit any place you want to build a deck.

Different Timber species have varying aesthetics, levels of durability, water resistance, colour, and price per square meter.

The best timber species for decking needs to look as part of your existing property and must have properties suitable for the exterior application – high durability and sunlight (UV), water, and rot resistance.


Before you settle on any timber species, asking yourself the following questions may be helpful:

  • What is your set budget?
  • What use will you put your deck?
  • Where will you locate your deck?
  • How do you want your deck to look like?

Let’s puts this into perspective with these examples:

  • Deck installation surrounding a pool or hot tubs require timber species that can withstand water damage.
  • If you have kids and pets or you’ll be using your deck for entertainment frequently, choose hard-wearing timber.
  • High-end decking installation always gives a designer feel and something aspirational. In this case, a tropical hardwood is suitable.

Types of timber decks
For timber decks, you can choose between softwood deck boards and hardwood deck boards.
Harwood deck boards
Hardwood timber is a popular choice for every decking company. Beyond being beautiful, hardwood is durable.
Popular options include Merbau decking, spotted gum, oak, Iroko, Balau, and Blackbutt decking, among others.
These timbers come in different standard sizes, though other sizes are available. For instance, Merbau decking has a standard size of 90x19mm, but other dimensions like 140x19mm, 140x25mm, and 140x35mm exist.
The spotted gum decking and Blackbutt decking are in size 86x19mm (standard) and 135x19mm.
The durability class rating for hardwood timber is 1. So they are expected to serve you or between 25 to 30 years.

Softwood deck boards
Softwood decks are the second popular material that a decking contractor would prefer. Treated pine is a popular choice for a decking builder. But other choices like Larch exists.
Softwood deck boards come in a standard size of 90x22mm. Another size option is 140x21mm.
With a durability rating of 4, treated pine is expected to last for between 10 -15 years.
Carpenters and deck builder at Darwin Decking Co, understand the right timber deck boards for you.

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